Important Information About Viewing Maps and Forecasts

Most advanced web browsers (like Netscape and MS Explorer) store the webpages you visit into a "cache" on your computer's hard drive. While this is intended to expedite the loading of that webpage upon your revisit to it, it can often result you missing new additions to the webpage. This scenerio helps explain why you might be reading an old weather forecast, or viewing an old satellite or radar image.

The CWS forecast is update three times per day Monday through Friday and twice per day on weekends. Most of the satellite and radar imagery is updated every hour or two, and most weather maps are reposted twice per day. Thus, each time you visit the page you want to be sure to download the new item (as opposed to calling up the old one stored in your computer's cache). To do this, hold down the shift keep and click the "reload" button on your browser. You can also "clear" the cache by clicking on OPTIONS (or Preferences), then locating the "Clear Cache" button (usually located under "Network Preferences Menu).

We hope you enjoy your visit to the MILLERSVILLE METEOROLOGY weather webpages!