Millersville University Climatological Data

We have been keeping detailed climatological records since the inception of our weather station in June of 1968. Included are daily high and low temperature, precipitation and departure from normal. At the end of each month, we create a climatological summary containing the above data plus total monthly departures from normal, and heating and cooling degree day information.

We have recently expanded our database back to 1914 by incorporating the climatological records of the National Weather Service office which operated in Lancaster City (3 miles east of Millersville) until 1964. Lancaster Newpaper records (also from Lancaster City) were used to fill the gap from 1964 until the inception of our weather station in June of 1968. Therefore, our temperature and precipitation database is complete from January 1914 through present.

Feel free to view and print any of our Monthly Climatological Summaries for your personal use. All original products on this webpage are copyright ©Millersville University.

Photo: The source of our climatological data is our observation station on the "hill" behind Roddy Science Hall on the campus of Millersville University.