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Dr. Alex DeCaria
Department of Earth Sciences
Office:  Caputo Hall 410
Phone:  871-4739
e-mail:  alex.decaria@millersville.edu

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Safe Zone LogoMy office is a designated Safe Zone  for any lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, or androgenous students and employees.  Anyone who feels intimidated, discriminated against, or made to feel unwelcome because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression may find refuge and someone who will listen to them here.

Courses I currently teach
ESCI 101 - Earth Systems and Natural Hazards
ESCI 107/109 - The Atmosphere
ESCI 109L - The Atmosphere Laboratory
ESCI 241 - Meteorology
ESCI 340 - Cloud Physics and Precipitation Processes
ESCI 341 - Atmospheric Thermodynamics
ESCI 342 - Atmospheric Dynamics I
ESCI 343 - Atmospheric Dynamics II
ESCI 344 - Tropical Meteorology
ESCI 386 - Sci. Prog., Analysis and Vis. with Python
ESCI 445 - Num. Modeling of the Atmos. and Oceans

Courses I have taught in the past
ESCI 281 - GIS Applications for the Earth Sciences
ESCI 3xx - Atmospheric Radiative Transfer  (formerly part of ESCI 340)
ESCI 3xx - Advanced IDL Programming for the Earth Sciences
ESCI 485 - Air/sea Interaction
EMGT 629 - GIS Applications for Emergency Management

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