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Explore the following links for additional information that can be presented to children about meteorology and weather education...


Coloring Books:
Weather Coloring Books from NSSL
Preschool Weather Coloring Books
Interactive Weather Coloring Book

Fun Online Weather Sites:
Weather Dude (Nick Walker)
Weather Whiz Kids
The Weather Channel Kids
Web Weather for Kids
NWS Playtime for Kids
Temperature Guide for Kids

Be Severe Weather-Ready:
Develop a Family Preparedness Plan
Severe Weather Awareness Week
Protecting Your HVAC System from Storms and Extreme Weather


MU-AMS does school visits! Contact our webmaster, David Karppala ( for more information, or check out our School Outreach page to request a visit!

Online Weather Directory

Lesson Plan Help:
Discovery Education
The Weather Channel
NWS JetStream
Ultimate Weather Resource Guide

Meteorology Experiments:
Home Science Tools
Ohio State University
NWS El Paso



If you have any suggestions for additional websites, please e-mail our webmaster Brandon at!

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