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Here is a list of scheduled activity booths that will be available for kids and families alike to enjoy. They are designed to be a fun way to help educate the public about the wonders of science and meteorology. Many activities allow children to build their own scientific artifcats to take home and enjoy! And of course, all of this is free!

Interactive Green Screen
Ever wanted to find out what it's like to be a weathercaster? Take a try on our green screen, where you can practice what the pros do every night on the evening news.
Coloring Booth
A special booth for kids of all ages to come color pictures related to the weather, and of course take them home to hang up on the refrigerator!
Trivia Booth
Test your meteorological knowledge at the trivia booth.
Make Your Own Snowflakes
Children will have the opportunity to make their own snowflakes using q-tips while meteorology students explain to them how various shapes and sizes of snowflakes are formed in the atmosphere.
Face Painting
A fun-filled family day wouldn't be complete without face painting! However this time, weather symbols and depections are the specialty of the artists at Public Weather Awareness Day.
Van de Graaff Generator
Make sure to stop by this shocking booth! A Van de Graaf generator is an electrostatic machine which uses a moving belt to accumulate very high electrostatically stable voltages on a hollow metal globe. Make sure to come by, touch the generator and watch your hair stand up! Learn more about Van de Graaff generators
Wave Tank
Come check out a piece of equipment that is used to teach meteorology and oceanography students at Millersville University. Students will be on hand to show off and conduct experiments with a wave tank. Learn more here
Weather Instrument Demonstrations
Ever wonder how weather is measured? Stop this booth to explore instruments such as the thermometer, barometer, anemometer and more. Here's a list of common weather instruments
Portable Clouds
We all have seen this experiment. Stop by the portable clouds booth to check out how you can make a cloud in a bottle. You can also take home the instructions to try it out again and again!
Make-your-own Thermometer
Anemometers are used to measure wind speed. While the ones attached to professional weather instruments often cost hundreds of dollars, you can make and take home your very own anemometer!

If you have any suggestions for additional activity booths, please e-mail Daniel Harp at
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