I take writing letters of recommendation very seriously.  I will not write a letter unless I can write you a good one!  It is important to talk with me ahead of time to make sure I can write you a good letter.

Keep in mind that graduate schools and summer research experiences are highly competitive.  Your chances of getting into graduate school or a summer research experience decrease greatly
if your G.P.A. is below 3.2, or if your mathematics and physics grades are not mostly A's and B's.  A low GPA and math and physics grades can be mitigated if you have shown dediction and an apptitude for research.

What you need to provide to me:
If I am going to write a good letter for you, you need to provide information to me to use.  After talking with me and getting my approval, I will need you to:
1. Download this
PDF form, fill it out, and bring it to my office.
2.  For graduate school references I also need you to write a first draft of your letter and send it to me electronically.  I do this not because I am lazy, but because I need to have an idea as to your writing ability, since this is a question that is frequently asked by graduate schools.