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Dr. Alex DeCaria
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Lecture Notes: These are the notes that I use to prepare and deliver my lecture.  They are provided here as an additional resource for students.  However, they are not guaranteed to be complete, accurate, or up-to-date, and should not be viewed as a replacement for taking notes in class.  Should these notes conflict with anything I have stated or demonstrated in class, then what it is presented in class takes precedence.  Please bring any discrepancies to my attention.
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Math and Physics Review

1 Composition and Structure Chapter 1
2 Thermodynamics Chapter 2
3 Radiation Chapter 2
4 Seasons Chapter 3
5 Temperature Chapter 3
6 Humidity Chapter 4
7 Stability Chapter 6
8 Thermodynamic Diagrams -

9 Clouds and Fog    Online Cloud Atlas
Chapter 5
10 Precipitation Chapter 7
11 Wind Chapter 8
12 Thickness and Thermal Wind -
13 Small-scale Circulations Chapter 9
14 Global Circulation Chapter 10
15 Air Masses and Fronts Chapter 11
16 Extratropical Cyclones Chapter 12
17 Thunderstorms and Tornadoes Chapter 14