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Dr. Alex DeCaria
e-mail:  alex.decaria@millersville.edu

Lecture Notes: These are the notes that I use to prepare and deliver my lecture.  They are provided here as an additional resource for students.  However, they are not guaranteed to be complete, accurate, or up-to-date, and should not be viewed as a replacement for taking notes in class.  Please bring any discrepancies or errors to my attention.
1 Composition and Structure
2 Seasons/Radiation
3 Temperature
4 Humidity
5 Stability
6 Clouds and Fog  Cloud Picture Resources =>  www.clouds-online.com;   www.ems.psu.edu/~lno/Meteo437/atlas.html;
                                                                               UK Met Office Fact Sheet

7 Precipitation
8 Pressure
9 Wind
10 Mesoscale Circulation
11 Global Circulation
12 Air Masses
13 Fronts
14 Thunderstorms/tornadoes
15 Lightning
16 Tropical Cyclones
Optical Phenomenon
Air Pollution