North-East Corridor Oxidant and Particle Study

Millersville Meteorology's Mobile Research Unit.

Millersville Meteorology's Tethered Balloon...nicknamed "Manny."

Millersville's student researchers guide the 40-foot tethered ballon during pre-launch procedures.

Millersville's Tethered Balloon high above I-95 in Northeast Philly (note Delaware River on left).

A night-time launch of the Tethered Balloon with Penn State's LIDAR (note green laser beam) in operation as well.

MU's Tethered Balloon with instrumentation in tow....taking measurements up to 1000 feet above ground.

M.U. Researchers prepare Manny for launch at the NARSTO-NE-OPS site in northeast Philadelphia.

Dr. Richard Clark, chief researcher with Millersville's Tethered Balloon/Tethersonde group.

While Millersville's Tethered Balloon samples aloft, Harvard University's ground-based instrumentation captures surface air chemistry.

For more information about MU's participation in the NARSTO-NE-OPS project, please contact Dr. Richard Clark at 717-872-3930. Email: rdclark@thunder.millersv.edu

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