In Recognition of Dr. Russell Desouza
Professor of Meteorology 1973 - 1997

Dr. Russ DeSouza is an extraordinary professor and person who is extraordinarily popular with his students. After 24 years of dedicated service to the University and its students, Russ is retiring due to illness. All of his students and colleagues offer their sincere thanks for his tireless efforts at improving the meteorology program. We all pray for his recovery and wish him the best in retirement.

Upon meeting Russ everyone knows where he stands on things. He is a man of utmost integrity, with great passion for meteorology and education. He has surely inspired dozens of student to live up to their dreams and make the most of their lives. Thus, it seems most fitting to hear from the people Russ valued the most, his "family" of students. --Eric Horst

(Note: Russ DeSouza passed away on June 6, 1997. I've added to this webpage both his professional obituary and the obit from the Lancaster Newspapers (66k). I have also scanned the recent two page Millersville Review article on Russ. Page 1 (84k) | Page 2 (96k).)

Dr. DeSouza was a patient listener who was always willing to give you a chance. As an advisor, he worked with you on a personal level as well as an academic level and cared about your future beyond Millersville University. As a professor, he was powerful, fair, and involved. As a human being, he is gentle, humorous and friendly. Although retirement is an inevitable part of life, the meteorology department will never be the same without Dr. DeSouza. I will always be grateful I had the chance to learn from him.
Sarah Perfater-Maxwell
General Sciences Corp., Camp Springs, MD

Dr. DeSouza is not only a great teacher, but also a great friend. One who pushes you to learn and is tough in the classroom, while also quick to throw in a joke and always eager to help in any way possible. He is truly the epitome of a great Professor!
Mike Wagner, Class of 1994

Technologically, I would have to say that Dr. DeSouza's efforts kept MU's program on the cutting edge. Personally, I believe that he is an excellent instructor and a good man--a rare combination in these times. Dr. DeSouza's position will be filled, but he will never be replaced. Thank you for your insight and your guidance, Dr. D!
Pat Market, Graduate Student at Saint Louis University

Dr. DeSouza gave me complete freedom to experiment with the McIDAS computers. I learned a lot about software, visualization, and, of course, weather!
John Persing, Computational Physics, Inc.

I remember Dr. DeSouza as never being complacent, always wanting to expand his knowledge of meteorology. He was patient and helpful, not only as a teacher but as a friend. He also had a great sense of humor, coy as it may have been. I am positive that without the guidance and positive reinforcement of Dr. DeSouza, I would not be a meteorologist today.
Rich Redmond, Class of 1993

The Millersville Meteorologists: Bob Ross, Russ DeSouza, Rich Clark, Eric Horst

Dr. D is the one person who steered me into my current on-air position at WUTR. During my junior year, I had no idea what I was going to do upon graduation. He suggested, "Bob...why don't you consider going into TV?" He then told me how to get an internship with the local NBC station and scheduled a field trip there to check it out. I thank him when I see him at homecoming each year, because I probably wouldn't be where I'm at this day without him!
Bob Van Dillen, WUTR Weathercaster

Dr. DeSouza's classes were an excellent preparation for gradute school, and his guidance was invaluable in helping me make an important career decision. His influence on my life has been great, and I will always be greatful to him.
Matt Kensey, AWIPS Meteorologist (PRC Inc, McLean VA)

I liked how Dr. DeSouza was not afriad to hang around with students outside of class. For instance, he would occasionally go to lunch with groups of students. Knowing this made him more approachable for help, whereas some professors can be intimidating. I don't know what MU will be like without Dr. D.
Nicole Vanderzon, National Weather Service

An anecdote from Ron Barnovsky, Class of 1990:
As we made our last forecast on the evening before graduation, Kevin Roth and I decided to have some fun. As a joke, Kevin taped the Weatherline forecast doing a George Bush impersonation while I sang a Gregorian Chant. The next morning Dr. D unknowingly happened into the weather station while the joke forecast was playing. After graduation he came up to Kevin and me and said, calmly, "I heard your forecast!" (Luckily, he had a great sense of humor.)

Dr. DeSouza touched my life in many positive ways as a mentor, colleague and friend. I first met him in June of 1989 during Millersville's "get acquinted day." I remember how I felt so comfortable and at ease with coming to MU when I heard him speak to the incoming meteorology majors in his pleasant, soft spoken voice. After that talk I knew that--YES--this is the right place for me.
John Flatley, Class of 1991

Dr. DeSouza has always been an inspiration to me to never give up on things in life, no matter how hard it gets. He has always been there to lend me a helping hand with school work, or put a smile on my face with his New England accent. Whether it was his serious side of teaching or his generous and most kind attitude of being a friend, it is something that I will always remember and be grateful for. I am thankful for being blessed to have him as a friend as well as having the opportunity to be taught by the best.
Kathy Mundhenk-Byrne, Meteorologist for the NJ State Climatologist